Makerbot Printable Transistors and OLEDs

Learn to print transistors in 20 minutes!

  • There are intrinsically conductive plastics, it’s true!
  • Not metal filings in plastic.
  • Organic conductors are also semiconductors and electroluminescent.

Structural Conducting Mixes

ABS-PANI (polyaniline)


Systematic evaluation of the preparation of conducting PANI/ABS blends, Fernando H. Cristovan (2009) Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of Electrospun Poly(lactic acid)/Polyaniline Blend Fibers, Paulo H. S. Picciani (2010).


Field Effect Transistor Layers

Gcode with CL-MILL based script:

Silver ink (conductor)

Wood Reprap w/ Stock MB Unicorn Firmware

Source-Drain printing


Here is your transistor ready! Now you can use it through any electronic device like your computer, mobile phone or laptop. Yes! you heard it right, this printable transistor can be connected to all these devices.

While connecting this printable transistor to your Windows devices, it is preferable to first check whether your Windows Defender is working on your pc or not. Windows Defender is an anti-malware software designed by Microsoft.

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