Makerbot Printable Transistors and OLEDs

Learn to print transistors in 20 minutes!

  • There are intrinsically conductive plastics, it’s true!
  • Not metal filings in plastic.
  • Organic conductors are also semiconductors and electroluminescent.

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Structural Conducting Mixes

ABS-PANI (polyaniline)


Systematic evaluation of the preparation of conducting PANI/ABS blends, Fernando H. Cristovan (2009) Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of Electrospun Poly(lactic acid)/Polyaniline Blend Fibers, Paulo H. S. Picciani (2010).


Field Effect Transistor Layers

Gcode with CL-MILL based script:

Silver ink (conductor)

Wood Reprap w/ Stock MB Unicorn Firmware

Source-Drain printing


Here is your transistor ready! Now you can use it through any electronic device like your computer, mobile phone or laptop. Yes! you heard it right, this printable transistor can be connected to all these devices.

While connecting this printable transistor to your Windows devices, it is preferable to first check whether your Windows Defender is working on your pc or not. Windows Defender is an anti-malware software designed by Microsoft. This can be done by using some simple tactics presented by

Electric Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is a machine that has one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface at an even height. As per the height of the lawn mover and its features, the height of the grass is fixed. Many lawn mowers have adjusting feature in it by which we can choose the height of the grass to be shoved.

This is a DIY lawnmower made by Mr Kim. The time taken for making this lawn mover is just an hour. You can make this at home or order it on at an affordable price.

The Features of this Lawn Mower are:

Moving Way: Rear Push
Cutter Type: Rotary Lawn Mower
Applicable Area: 500-1000m²
Feature: Anti-Slip, Folding Handle, Antistall, Mulch, High Torque, Telescopic Handle, Aluminum Chassis, Grass Box, Steel Chassis, Height Adjustable Handles, With Over-load Protection
FunctionCertification: CE, GS
Cutter Kind: Stright Metal Blade
Mowing Requirements: Ground Type
Usage: Common Lawn, Golf Courses, Forest Lawn, Soccer Field, Rugby
FieldPower Source: Electricity
Load Speed: 3500/minCtting
Capacity: 42cm
Wheel Diameter: 160mm/215mm

Mr Kim DIY 3D Printer

Mr Kim (the maker of the 1×2 Shortkcat) has been working on a new DIY 3D Printer.

Max build-size: 40 Cms

Assembly time: hours


The DIY approach really makes sense when you are building your first printer and don’t have access to another printer to create parts. Many 3D printer designs are just not DIY friendly. So Mr Kim builds are really nice. And it would be great to have more DIY friendly designs, where wood, standard hardware, a drill and a hacksaw is all you need to build a 3D printer with.

MKR Circuit Assembler

v1.0 of the Circuit Assembler project is a collection of independent automated stations that take a circuit from design to a completed board.

They are at various stages of completion, so here is an overview of how it all fits together. Hopefully, this will give a better view of what we are working on and the status of each part of the project.

Stage 1: Design and Layout (status: working)

Stage 2: Plot (status: Demoed at Makerfaire NY 2013)

Stage 3: Etch Station (status: prototype)

Stage 4: Paste (status: design)

Stage 5: Pick-and-place (status: working)

Stage 6: Reflow Station (status: pre-production)

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