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The Circuit Assembler project is a collection of independent automated stations that take a circuit from design to a completed board.

They are at various stages of completion, so here is an overview of how it all fits together. Hopefully, this will give a better view of what we are working on and the status of each part of the project.

The stages mapped in the article takes you through the process of preparing an automated station to have an assembled circuit. 


Printing electronics are a set of printing methods used to create electrical devices on various substrates. Electrically functional electronic or optical inks are deposited on the substrate, creating active or passive devices, such as thin film transistors; capacitors; coils; resistors.

You can connect a printable transistors to all your devices. Making a transistor has various techniques and you can learn to prepare your own printable transistor with the method presented here.

For a windows device to connect with this transistor, you must have a windows defender installed. There are simple steps to check whether Windows Defender is working or not. Read More…

A lawn mower is a machine that has one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface at an even height. As per the height of the lawn mover and its features, the height of the grass is fixed. Many lawn mowers have adjusting feature in it by which we can choose the height of the grass to be shoved.

This DIY Electric Lawn Mower gives you all the benefits that any other lawn mower might give. Enjoy its benefits at an affordable price! 

A 3D printer is a machine allowing the creation of a physical object into a 3 dimension form. This projects live appearance of the object.

  Learn to make a DIY 3D Printer using simple techniques. Mr Kim (the maker of the 1×2 Shortkcat) has been working on a new DIY 3D Printer.

You can also order this device from us at an affordable price. Get this unique printable transistor at your convenient place. This can be used anywhere, office or home!